The talents of Hong Kong people can be shown anywhere, and the diversity continues the spirit and culture of Hong Kong people.

“Mark 1”


In 2016, Ricky Ma took 18 months to finish a life-like robot "Mark 1" to fulfill his childhood dream. The works have been interviewed by different news media around the world. Even international institutions, universities, professional colleges and more to invite him attending sharing talk and asked him for a cooperation. In 2018, he was invited to interviews on radio channel, TV shows and magazines in Canada and Moscow. At the same time, a British university used his works about the studies and research of Mark 1 as academic teaching materials and asked him to be one of the members of their course advisory group for BSc in Digital Enterprise and Innovation.

Mark 1 | Creator: Ricky Ma



Printed interviews

Press Interview HK01

RTHK Interview

"Ten bros" Miniature food figure

& Fotomo Stereograph

Exhibition Period : August 29, 2023 – September 10, 2023

Just wanting to keep the memorable moments from the days of our childhood, past, and now in every single frame by understandable and straightforward methods.As you can see, the size of the pieces is tiny and delicate, such as the moments I am trying to hold in our life. They‘re figures but telling the truth. They‘re small but large enough to represent the big picture of our living culture.
Materials: Resin clay , watercolor painting,3D figures,fotomo

Tenfingersworkshop | Founder: Bonnie Lai

Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Creative Writing and Film Arts(OUHK)

Master of Arts (MA) in Visual Arts (BUHK)

Hobby to using “Ten bros” (ten fingers) to create works of different methods and styles,  to keep a delicate memory, be humane, and promote life culture in aims to connect the neighborhood.

Exhibition of Stories of Hong Kong Immigrants

Exhibition Period : Aug 29, 2023 – Sep 10, 2023


More than 20 Hong Kong people expressed their journey of immigrating to Canada through art. The paintings may not be amazing, but the sincere emotions in them can resonate and move people's hearts.

Hong Kong Vintage Matchbox Exhibition

Exhibition Period : Aug 29, 2023 – Sep 10, 2023

The uniquely designed matchboxes take you through the time tunnel and return to the good old days of Hong Kong, displaying the strong historical memories they carry.

Reading Corner

Exhibition Period : Aug 29, 2023 – Sep 10, 2023

Dozens of Hong Kong-related books are on display, some of which are out of print. You can sit down and read slowly at will, and take a journey of Hong Kong literature and history.

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