HK Cultural Day 2022



A group of outstanding booth owners bring you a variety of Hong Kong specialty products.


Crochet poppy flower pins, art garden and pressed flower experience, Cantonese picture book time workshop


An exhibition exploring the relationship between Hong Kong and Canada. At the same time, a group of Canadian and Hong Kong artists showed their creations.

Game booths

Interesting activities such as playing mahjong, playing villains and burying lanterns together, demonstrating Hong Kong's leisure and entertainment culture.

Study corner

Our Reading Corner has collected various types of books by Hong Kong writers, let's sit down and read!

Music Performance

Ezz Clash / Jeffrey / Suite 808


"The French Kiss (法吻)" - known as a masterpiece in the Hong Kong stage drama industry, it was created by the famous Hong Kong playwright Ms. Candace Chong Mui Ngam.
It premiered at the Hong Kong Arts Festival in 2005 and won the "Best Script" and "Top Ten Most Popular Plays" at the 15th Hong Kong Drama Awards . It was later adapted into the movie "Heaven in the Dark (暗色天堂)".

Movie Screening

May You Stay Forever Young (少年) and Memories to Choke On, Drinks to Wash Them Down (夜香・鴛鴦・深水埗)


List of Donors

Hong Kongers .Apple Tang.Ricky Poon

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