「Everyphone Everywhere」Movie Screening

Starring:Endy CHOW 周國賢/ Rosa Maria VELASCO 韋羅莎/ Peter CHAN 陳湛文

Co-starring:Henick CHOU 周漢寧/ Lai-ying TANG 鄧麗英

Special Appearance:Cecilia CHOI 蔡思韵

25 years ago, during their summer holiday in 1997, three high school classmates, Chit, Ana, and Raymond, decided to buy their first ever cell phones on the same day, sent each other a series of SMS messages and made a pact to meet for a meal again in 2022 and open these text messages together. All three of them experience an unusual day on account of their modern day smartphones, and end up discovering a newfound meaning to their respective lives. The film follows the three protagonists throughout the day, divided up into three sections, leading up to their reunion.

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